3 years ago

The Media Center at MCHS will promote and provide a quiet, relaxing environment for academic studies and research.

  • The MCHS Media Center is to be maintained as an orderly academic area for individual work or small group work.

  • All students using the MCHS Media Center are expected to follow and respect school rules and the rights of their fellow students.

  • The integrity of the MCHS Media Center will be maintained at all times to allow students the right to read, study, research, work on classwork and assignments, and engage in other activities which require quiet thinking.

  • Chess, checkers, drawing and "brain games" are permitted in the MCHS Media Center.

  • The MCHS Media Center is not a designated area "break room" where loud talking, socializing and "hanging out" is approved.

  • Students who enter the MCHS Media Center should have an academic-related need or purpose.