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Welcome to the Montgomery County High School Counseling Center
Mission: To support students in obtaining maximum growth and development in accordance with their potentials so that they can become individuals of good moral standing and well oriented toward their future.

Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the school counselor with any problem that is hindering them from obtaining a positive school experience. The school counselor is available to assist students in a number of areas, including: college and career decision making and exploration, individual counseling for academic or interpersonal relationship matters, test interpretation, scholarship opportunities, registration and class schedule.

We look forward to working with all of our students to ensure success during their time at Montgomery County High School and beyond!

Alternative Achievement Academy

over 3 years ago

Montgomery County Alternative  Achievement Academy

The Montgomery Achievement Academy is a place where S.T.A.R(s) are realigned through classroom training.

In the MOCO Alternative Academy you will find Students Taking Academic Responsibility and making sure everything that has a place is in its’ place. 

* We SORT our materials, our work stations are SET IN ORDER, and we SHINE our work space.

* We STANDARDIZE our work process, and we SUSTAIN our work flow. 

* STAR(s) work hard!  "We Are More Than Conquerors".

We are S.T.A.R(s)! Students Taking Academic Responsibility